The company was established in Rieden as a garage for agricultural machinery.

The property located at "Hauptstraße 135 1/2" (today Hauptstraße 38) in Schmidmühlen was purchased by the Segerer family.

An auto garage was built in a partnership with "Hofherr" which existed until 1925.

This also began the expansion of the company to include the sales and repairs of bicycles, motorbikes and low-speed mopeds.

Began the exhibition of agricultural machinery.

The SHELL gas station was built. The photo on the right side shows the "Eiserne Jungfrau", the most modern gas pump of the time.
Joseph Segerer became the sole proprietor of the business and added a car rental service.

The company began assembling LANZ tractors.

Joseph Segerer died at the age 45.
Maria Segerer, his lovely wife, assumed control of the business.

Sep. 1955
Maria handed over control of the business to her son and daughter-in-law, Joseph and Johanna Segerer.

The company ceased working on agricultural machinery and started a plumbing business.

The purchase of a new SHELL gas station with car wash was made at the "Am Anger" location.

Since 1973
The company now only operated the gas station.

Oct. 1976
The family relocated from "Hauptstrasse" to "Am Anger" into a newly
built house with attached garage.

June 1, 1981
The gas station changed from SHELL to AVIA.

September 1, 1986
Josef Segerer (son) opened a free car garage.

Josef and Peter Segerer (sons) became partners in the ownership of the garage.

March 1988
The garage became an Authorized Ford Dealership.

January 1, 1990
The gas station business was also passed on to Josef and Peter Segerer.

November 1992 An ESSO gas station was purchased, and the remodeling into an AVIA gas station began.

November 1993 The Grand opening of the new AVIA gas station at its current location.

1999 The old gas station from 1958 was demolished and replaced with the current showroom and offices at the dealership location.

2010 A second garage was built across the street to better accomodate our growing business